How To Understand the Overwatch Patch Notes | The Secret to Winning in Competitive

How To Understand the Overwatch Patch Notes: The Secret to Winning in Competitive

Overwatch is one of the most popular games for competitive players. You’ve probably seen it at a convention, or at an event on TV. Competitive matches are tense and exciting to watch, and many people want to be able to play like the pros. But what if you don’t know how? The Overwatch patch notes, or changelogs, can seem intimidating when you first read them. It can feel impossible to understand all of the changes that have been made. However, there are ways you can decode these patch notes. When you know the strategies behind these changes, you can be more confident in your gameplay

What are the patch notes?

The official Overwatch blog uses the term “Change Log.” This is the list of changes that have been made in the patch. Patch notes can change as the game is played and tuned. The changes can be large or small, and they are frequently applied to heroes. Each hero has a changelog for each version. How to read the Overwatch patch notes There are five categories of Overwatch patch notes. Each category will help you understand the changes and how to use them to improve your own play. Melee is the most technical category because you are using a controller to control the game. The Melee change log will cover things like mouse sensitivity, aim assist, and other changes that are necessary to learn and understand.

How do you read the patch notes?

Just as an FPS game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has distinct and meaningful player names for each class, Overwatch also has a naming system for each type of hero. Each hero can be broken into three roles: tank, DPS, and support. Each class is also defined by a unique way of playing. You can think of these roles as the map layout for each class. The healers, DPS, and supports are on each side of the map. So if you play a tank, you would want to approach the enemies from the sides, using their utility as your primary means of damage. Choosing the right roles is vital to being successful. Tank players want to take the front lines and deal damage. DPS players should try to keep their distance and stop the other team’s boss.

Patch Notes – The Secret to Winning in Competitive

The Overwatch patch notes are split up into four categories: Hero Updates, Gameplay Changes, Visual/audio updates, and balance updates. If you know what changes are coming, you can figure out what to do to improve your game. Hero Updates Hero Updates are the easiest to understand. They can sometimes include fun gameplay, or some brand new mechanics to try out. The issue is that a Hero Update usually takes months for Blizzard to make, and the new content in that patch tends to not be available for competitive play for several weeks. So it might not be much of an issue for you right now, but it can become one if you have some major changes coming. Gameplay Changes This category includes a lot of boring changes. You won’t be changing any heroes, and the changes will mostly be minor.

Understanding the changes in competitive

With the Overwatch beta season now over, Blizzard has begun the slow process of testing, balancing, and fine-tuning their new hero roster, as the game’s first competitive season begins in earnest. We’ll be watching the changes closely this time around, as Blizzard has done in the past, and we’ll see if (or how much) the game changes with the first competitive season.

Strategies for decoding Overwatch patch notes

The biggest news to come out of the Overwatch beta lately is a hefty new damage reduction buff for tanks. There are also new skill changes, new skins, and more. What does this all mean? It means that for a relatively small amount of money, you can get a substantial increase in your survivability. And that’s before you even start playing the game! This guide will take you through everything you need to know about the latest change and provide strategies for decoding it so you can ensure you’re always in a good position to dish out some punishment when heroes come out with new abilities or pick up additional items that make them more deadly.

Understanding the Overwatch Patch Notes

Patch Notes are an important part of the Overwatch news cycle. They are a way for the developer to communicate changes to the game to the community, and a way for the community to predict and discuss those changes. The purpose of this post is to explain what patch notes are, what they mean, and what they can do for you.

How to decode Overwatch patch notes

Blizzard is in the business of making video games, but it is also in the business of making money. The more in-demand a game is, the more money Blizzard is likely to make. The best way for Blizzard to squeeze as much money out of a game as possible is to release a new patch that not only includes balance tweaks but also changes the game’s overall meta. To do this, Blizzard releases a huge list of patch notes. These patch notes are usually substantial, and in many cases, it is hard to understand them right away. For those looking to understand how these balances and changes will affect the game, here is a guide on decoding Overwatch’s new patch notes.

The Secrets to Winning in Competitive

For many, competitive online gaming is a way to improve your skills in a game you already enjoy or connect with other gamers. However, there are many factors that may influence your performance as you play. Now that Blizzard has announced the release date of the much anticipated “Overwatch” competitive mode, we wanted to take a look at all the factors that may affect your gameplay.

Strategies for decoding Overwatch patch notes

Overwatch is a game with close ties to the competitive scene. Blizzard has been known to update their games with new features and balance changes before they go live. This makes it vital for players to know what changes are coming so they can prepare for their opponents. With that said, some information may be overshadowed by upcoming changes while others might be more overlooked. We’ve put together a list of things you should pay attention to when it comes to Overwatch patch notes so you can stay on top of your game.

Playstyles and how they change the game

Overwatch features different game types or playstyles. Some games feature only team-based games like Capture the Flag, while others feature Deathmatch and Free For All (FFA). Your team will typically have a certain game type or playstyle. Every time you play, you’ll be playing in accordance with a specific style. The team you pick to play within Overwatch can have a big influence on how you play. A team will usually pick a certain character, or “playstyle,” which will match up with the other team’s characters. For example, if you’re playing with another person on your team who plays Winston, he or she will want to focus on taking objectives and helping Winston gain ground. Blocking the enemy team’s way In the game, there are basically two ways to defend against the enemy.

Map changes

What the Overwatch patch notes are designed to reveal, are map changes. Map changes, in general, don’t come out in big patches. When a new hero is introduced, they’ll usually add them to the new map that was released in the previous patch. There aren’t usually big changes between patches unless there are new characters introduced. When new maps are released, they will be available for all players to play on. There are times when the patch notes will specifically tell you which map is being changed and what time it will be available for everyone. This is helpful because if you happen to get a match with people who haven’t had time to test the new map out, it can save you from making a stupid mistake like dying when you should’ve been able to jump to a safer spot.


The Overwatch patch notes are crucial for all players, whether you are a beginner or pro. If you follow these tips, you’ll have no trouble reading the changes and knowing how to use them in your game. If you would like to know more about how to succeed in Overwatch, please subscribe to our weekly newsletters. We will keep you in the loop on the latest Overwatch news and information, and give you a reason to play.

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